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Women Just Like You Have Grown Long and Lustrous Hair with Noor - Hear Their Story and See Their Results.” to “Real Women, Real Results.

Shalia Agarwal - 47 Days
Ever since I was very little, I remember my mother encouraging me to use natural things at home to get the long gorgeous hair that I dreamed of. Like of course, as a kid, all I wanted were the chemical-laden things my friends had. Cute gummies that were fun to eat but hardly ever worked. They even made my breakout sometimes—but now, as a women who is willing to invest a bit more if it means real results, everything has come full circle. The difference with Noor is that the vitamins contain the ancient ingredients that I know are only found in nature and that I personally connect with. It's all organic and natural, and it works fast and that's really all I care about! I'll be buying another bottle once this one runs out!
Rachael Abidi - 57 Days
Ok so let me start this by saying I barely ever make reviews but for Noor I just had to. Other hair growth products I've used have all told me my hair is just like every other women's. That it will grow the same amount as someone who isn't Arab or Indian. But I'm here to tell you this is definitely not the case, and here's why. We're a group of women born with stronger and healthier hair folicles than caucasian women, so we need to give our hair unique foods that it's used to! This is where Noor shines. I love how it has all the foods that my hair already used to, so the growth is 100% natural (and fast too!)
Leila Undavia - 31 Days
Alright I'm not even going to talk about how my hair grew 2 inches in a month just in time for a wedding I got invited to, because I'm literally in love with tthis company. I'd never taken a hair vitamin before Noor. I was so scared I would hurt my liver by putting something made in lab inside my body. And I'd heard wayyy too many horror stories from my friends who had broken out in acne and hives after using hair growth products. But I decided to give Noor a try since it has some of the ingredients I use when I cook. Let's just say I'm never going back. There's a reason why everybody is switching from gummies to real pills. Because we want real hair results, not some silly gummy that doesn't work."
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